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Before Registering to Use This Website Please read this agreement as it governs these activities. Registering for any of the Industrial Exchange Group of Websites registers the user to utilize any of the websites included in the group and governs the activities of each of these websites.

User’s Agreement For Industrial Exchange group of Websites

1. Industrial Exchange Network operates a group of “Industry-Specific Websites” advertising surplus equipment used for specific industries as well as a group of “General Industrial Websites” which advertise equipment applicable across many different industries. Users of websites in either group may include sellers as well as buyers. Users may browse either group of websites without registering. Becoming a “Registered User” allows a customer more options including receiving quotes and alerts from Industrial Exchange websites.

2. All Industrial Exchange Websites are designed to offer equipment that is for sale by others. In some cases Industrial Exchange may enter into an agreement with the seller (see item #7) and sign a “Seller’s Agreement” specifying that a commission (as calculated on the schedule listed in the Sellers Agreement) will be paid to Industrial Exchange Network, Inc. based on sales that are directly generated from listings on these websites. When agreed by both parties, Industrial Exchange Network, Inc. may arrange that inquiries for items subject to such commission are sent by direct email from the buyer to the seller. In other cases, Industrial Exchange Network, Inc. will act as middleman and may buy and sell the equipment based on written agreements signed with the specific seller and buyer. The seller may prefer to specify that the customer will be required to pay a buyer’s premium directly to Industrial Exchange Network, Inc. in lieu of a commission.

3. The registered user acknowledges and agrees that Industrial Exchange Network, Inc. provides information on its websites that is provided by others and can only be confirmed by direct inspection or use of the equipment. Industrial Exchange Network, Inc. uses data provided by sellers for listing purposes and does not recommend or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any listing, information, or content distributed through its websites. Registered users acknowledge and agree that condition of any equipment, suitability of any equipment for any specific use or operator requirements of any specific equipment will be confirmed by each user and are not the responsibility of Industrial Exchange Network, Inc.

4. Registered user as Buyer or Seller acknowledges and agrees that no joint venture, partnership, or agency relationship exists between themselves or their company with Industrial Exchange Network, Inc. Both acknowledge and agree that Industrial Exchange Network, Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability for any claims that may result directly or indirectly from buyer/seller interaction. The registered user hereby releases Industrial Exchange Network, Inc. its employees, agents, officers, directors and affiliates from any and all claims or actions related to or arising out of a dispute between you and any other user, equipment manufacturer or rebuilder of equipment listed on any Industrial Exchange Website.

5. Registered user as Buyer or seller acknowledges and agrees that Industrial Exchange Network, Inc. is not responsible for any taxes, dismantling cost, rebuilding cost or shipping cost associated with any sale unless these cost are specified in a written agreement to buy or sell equipment signed by a principal of Industrial Exchange Network, Inc..

6. Registration to Industrial Exchange Websites is via secure site and transmissions are encrypted during the transmission process. Use of personal information received in this process is governed by our Privacy Policy. Registered user as buyer or seller acknowledges and agrees that their information may be conveyed to the other party in order to facilitate a sale.

7. Sellers on the Industrial Exchange Network, Inc. websites are approved or disapproved at the sole discretion of Industrial Exchange Network, Inc. (IEN) using information that may include: declaration or evidence that the seller has the right to sell or advertise certain equipment and conducts business in a manner that is consistent with the rights or best interest of IEN and/or its registered users.