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Machine Listing - ST : 2000 - 4999 Gallon

IEN 126457
Metallurgy Stainless Steel
Equipment Class Used Tank / Pressure Vessel
Year (Age) 1986
Region (Location) Western
Overall Dimensions 56"D x 16'
Quantity (One) 1
Manufacturer Elliot

  2000 GL. Scrubber Vessel 304SS w/ Spray Nozzle at Top and Integral Heat Exchanger at Bottom (optional, can be left off) Elliott Swirl Jet, Heat Exchanger is cs shell. Scrubber dimensions 56"D x 16' - 6' SS for Capacity apprx 2000 gl. ASME specs rated as full vaccum. Dry Weight apprx 3213Lbs + 3000 Lbs HEx=6200 Lbs